Connect warehouses and other data sources with your sales channels

Automate decision-making based on all data within your e‑commerce eco-system.

Create a single place to manage all your orders, offers and other datasets.

What is Interlayer

Interlayer can be seen as a Software Framework, with pre-defined (but highly extendable) digital connectors, tools and interfaces.

It can be used as a fundament to kickstart the development of a flexible and scalable enhanced-commerce eco-system.

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Kickstart building your e‑commerce ecosystem

Starting with means you can immediately start with connecting all your data- and product sources. You'll have a wide set of predefined entities and functions available to kickstart your development.

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Connect with warehouses and saleschannels

Connect all your product sources and other digital (legacy) tools to to have everything in one place. Once set up you can easily create business rules and filtering before sending data to your sales channels.

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Separate business logic and integrations

Don't get stuck in fully customizing your e‑commerce system. Create a flexible and extendible interlayer that solely holds your connections and business logic. This way you'll be flexible and adaptable for future updates of, or changes to your e‑commerce system.

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Highly customizable without the hassle

You can extend everything with your own PHP code, add third party packages by using Composer and dependency injection. To create a flexible ecosystem that perfectly fits your e-commerce needs.

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Discover the Interlayer building blocks

  • Data processing
  • Algorithms and Routing
  • Connections
  • Insights and Management
  • Integrations
  • Data Processing

    3P Interfaces

    A subset of tools to flexible Import and Export data from external tooling and data sources.

    Data Jobs

    A framework and subset of commonly used functions for data processing Jobs to be easily set up and executed.

  • Algorithms and Routing

    Flexible Routing

    A subset of editable- and extendible dataflow jobs to automate decisions within your ecosystem. Simplify and automate business processes. For example how prices are calculated, how orders are routed to the correct warehouse and how stock reservation should be handled.

    Intelligent Routing

    All imported data from external sources can be used in decisionmaking processes.

  • Connect with Warehouses and Sales Channels

    Warehouse Connect

    Provides an out of the box and extendible set of tools and software mechanisms to Interface with (external) warehouses in any available protocol like (S)FTP, REST API, SOAP etc.

    SalesChannel Connect

    An extendable framework to synchronise, stock levels, prices, orders etc. with any Sales Channel like Shopware, Magento, Sylius but also with Marketplace Gateways like Channelengine.

  • Insights and Management

    Analytics Connection

    Easily integrate with your favourite Business Intelligence tools, like Google Data studio or Snowflake.

    Admin Panel & Dashboards

    A ready to go headless Admin Panel, with multiple access level roles for (customer support) employees to work in and handle daily tasks.

  • Intergration with other SDK’s

    Helper Library

    A flexible way to create Helpers for your e‑commerce eco-system. External packages and SDK's can be easily integrated.

Frequently asked questions

You might have some more questions about the We've got you covered, here are a few questions that we've heard before.

If you have a specific question or want to know more don't hesitate to get in touch!

Is a SaaS product? is more an iPaaS solution. With great extendibility by adding code to a customer's specific repository.
Will you set up everything?
We'll do it together. Every implementation of requires a slightly different approach based on your company needs, IT requirements and current team composition.
Where can I download
At this moment is not open source yet, so you can't download it.
Do you also build e‑commerce platforms?
We don't. But our colleague's at build awesome e‑commerce platforms!
What technology is used by is build on top of Google's Cloud Platform with Serverless Computing components only.
I would like more information
Just give us a call or send an email and we'll schedule a (online) meeting. We're more than happy to discuss your needs and demonstrate how can help your company.

Do you want to know more?

Give us a call or send an email and we'll get in touch.